Solid Liquid filtration – BHS filtration

We are a Providing Solid Liquid filtration
(Specializing in Thin-Cake Filtration, Cake Washing, and Drying Technology)

We have been specializing in cake filtration for over 60 years: The first rotary pressure filter has been developed as early as 1953. We manufacture filter and filtration systems for mechanical solid-liquid separation using pressure or vacuum filtration. All BHS filters are characterized by the fact that they work with a comparatively thin cake. Our filtration solutions naturally meet specific regulatory and validation requirements such as GMP, CIP, ATEX etc.

We have accumulated a great wealth of expertise. The number of applications that have been implemented is in four figures. The focus is on processes in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and plastics industries, oil and gas as well as energy and resource extraction.

To separate the solid particles, filter media made of textile or metallic materials and of composite materials are used as the basis for the filter cake. Often there will also be a washing process to improve the purity of the filter cake or to increase the yield of the liquid phase. Solid-liquid separation can be carried out in continuous or batch operation.

Product :

Rotary pressure filter (RPF)

Indexing belt filter (BF)

Rubber belt filter (BFR)

Candle filter (CF)

Pressure plate filter (PF)

Autopress (AP)

Lab filters & pilot filters

Nitrogen circuit for filters